Fund Overview

AmRoc Premier Opportunity Fund Overview

The purpose of AmRoc Premier Opportunity Fund will be to acquire, on a programmatic basis, value add/opportunistic class A/B/C multifamily properties throughout the Southeast US. ARPOF will also endeavor to invest in land for economically favorable ground up multifamily development projects in markets deemed exceptional for growth and returns. The business plan and value add strategy for the program will include moderate to light physical rehab/uplift, aggressive leasing, re-tenanting, corrective management, expense control, and other ROI generating capital improvements. The hold term for acquired assets will be targeted between 18 and 36 months.

Why Programmatic? Programmatic investment capital provides several benefits to investors, the investment program and to the return profile of the program. This is especially true in today’s fast paced, highly competitive United States multifamily real estate space.

This form of capital allows for fund managers to act quickly to take control of the best deals in the marketplace, thus providing a competitive and economic advantage to the fund. Programmatic capital allows for fund managers to gain confidence from owners in the marketplace by being financially agile, thus being able to move quickly lowering the average cost basis of assets by buying right and buying with velocity - optimizing the speed of performance when entering deals is key. Programmatic capital enables recycling (immediate movement of disposition proceeds into the acquisition pipeline), allowing for significantly higher returns through the increase of committed (deployable) capital to available, pre-qualified deals. The compounding effect and yield of programmatic capital investment produces far superior returns when compared to traditionally managed funds with antiquated methods of operating and low capital churn velocity.

AmRoc Premier AmRoc Premier

AmRoc Premier AmRoc Premier

Investment Program Focus: The value-add of existing multifamily and the strategic development of ground-up multifamily
Investment Period: 5 years after the last fund closing with 2 one year extensions
Regional Focus: Southeastern United States (FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, AL) and Texas
Sponsor/General Partner/Manager/Operator: AmRoc Premier Capital, LLC. and fully owned affiliate companies
Fund Governance: Typical Fund Level Governance (Mirroring ILPA Standards)
Governing Law: State of Delaware, United States
Targeted Fund Size
(deployable equity):
$250 Million
Estimated Assets Under Management: $1.068 Billion
Targeted Asset Level IRR/Equity Multiple: 18% / 1.85x *
Preferred Return: 10% (annualized / paid quarterly)
Return Split/Waterfall Sponsor Promote: 20% Carried Interest over 10% hurdle
Limited Partner(s): Commingled Fund Investors
Equity Ownership: AmRoc Premier Opportunity Fund will retain ownership of all assets in the Portfolio including all associated development rights, plans, permits, and other real and personal property
Debt Financing: Conservative use of leverage either at acquisition or upon stabilization (75% LTV Fund Average)

* Targeted IRR and Equity Multiple returns are asset level, gross of fees and not guaranteed.